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Patent granted

The development of electronic circuits is our core competence. Sometimes, as here in the field of energy-saving energizers, this leads to solutions that we believe are worthy of protection, and therefore apply for a patent. Meanwhile, the patent was granted. Find out more: Patent fence energizer.


Point Welder AM 800-BAM800B

Much more complex than the other two examples is the point welder AM 800-B (second generation). It is used for welding individual cells to a battery pack. Due to much more and longer lasting heat during soldering which destroys components made from plastic within the cells soldering of cells is not permitted by the cell manufacturers. Thus, battery packs, such as those contained in cordless screw drivers, laptops, etc. can be economically rebuilt or repaired.

The main components are:

  • control unit with keyboard and LCD-display,
  • power section which delivers the required weld current and a
  • motor powered  weld table.

The developement of the third generation started in April 2013. In future a graphical touchscreen as human interface will be used to control the welding parameters. Therefore the control unit is not longer needed. All its functions will be integrated in the power section.

Customers are self-employed looking for a second income or people who want to become self-employed. For more information on pricing and availability contact akkuman.de. The necessary theoretical training and a hands-on-tutorial are of course included in the total package sold by akkuman.de!

Note: sole distributor is akkuman.de. Direct requests are therefore futile!

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